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Meet the Team

Everything is Possible in the Jungle




Since 2010, Andi has enjoyed looking after guests as Junia Guesthouse. He is happy when his guests are happy and likes to make sure they are satisfied with every part of their stay in Bukit Lawang. When Andi is not working he loves to play guitar and sing songs with guests, friends and family. His favourite food is Gado Gado and his jungle fear is big snakes!



Trekking Guide

Felix has been a trekking guide for 25 years and he considers the jungle his second home. He likes teaching his customers about how to respect the rules of the jungle. The most important thing for Felix is that his guests receive good explanations, information and service. Felix loves passionately singing songs and whilst in Junia’s you will no doubt hear his renditions of Pink Floyd, Radiohead, the Happy Song and many more . . .



Trekking Guide

Edi has 18 years of experience as a trekking guide. He is always laughing and joking with guests and believes the most important thing is to make them feel comfortable and relaxed. “Before, during and after their jungle trek, I make sure my guests are well looked after''. Edi never stops being excited to go back into the jungle and see wildlife.



Jungle's Tarzan

Nu always has a big smile on his face. He is our Jungle Tarzan with an eagles eye for spotting wildlife. He loves climbing trees, playing guitar, and playing with snakes but he does not like pizza! Nu always likes to ensure that his guests treks are fun and eductional.



Social Media Marketer

Lulu is our social media and content manager from Italy. She enjoys capturing the perfect picture to share, and particularly enjoys photographing the amazing wildlife in Sumatra. Lulu loves to explore the world and learn about different cultures. Her favourite Indonesian dish is potato rendang and when she is not working she loves swimming and exploring the nature.



Web Designer

Matthew is our website developer from Scotland. When he came to Bukit Lawang, he fell in love with the town, the people and the surrounding wildlife and was very happy to stick around longer to help us with our website. Matthew’s favourite dish on the Junia menu is Fish sambal. When he is not programming he is playing football, swimming in the river or enjoying a cool Bintang!